The flavors of the Val di Non

Discover Val di Non local products

Our land’s finest ingredient is apple, no doubt about that. In fact, a good 7 thousand hectares are cultivated to grow the well known Melinda, Italy’s only PDO apple. The apple orchard goes as far as the eye can see, so much that it has been named The Road of Apples and Flavors.

In our restaurant, besides the many varieties of apples, we like to give priority to local products, and to the young entrepreneurs and artisans who cultivate and produce them. We love to organize produce-themed evenings which vary depending on the season. Our menus always include canederli and strangolapreti, ham and salami of our production, a wide selection of PDO cheese, carne salada, mortandela, fagoti da mont, ciaroncie and of course, our delicious apple mustard.

Our land has plenty of delicacies and our mission is to having you discover as many as possible, that’s why alongside our food degustations you’ll be able to taste some of the local CDO wines such as Groppello, and craft beers such as the beer of Saint Romedius.

And for smooth digestion, you can rely on our great selection of grappas!



Val di Non food&wine events you don’t want to miss out on:

  • Pomaria
  • The Ancient Flavors of the Val di Non
  • The Milk Festival – Pradiei
  • Cerevisia, Festival of the Craft Beer of Trentino – Fondo
  • The sounds of the Dolomites – Pian della Nana and malga Flavona
  • Parties at the Front Doors